The park: It’s a love-hate relationship


When the weather’s as nice as it is today, why wouldn’t you take the kids to the play park? It’s great for physical activity and it let’s them socialise with other kids. As a parent, however, it’s not always so thrilling. Your own experience of the park may be quite different, I know, but hear me out…


The park: It’s a love-hate relationshipI’m wearing a dress by Kukhareva London and “Hats by Maria”


Exercise, frolicking and mingling aside, the park is, frankly, rather boring for us adults. You’re probably too big to join in with most of its offerings so you’re going to need lots of patience. “You’re tired of this slide?! How about, um… that other slide!?” Your kid will be going up and down that same slide A LOT -whatever the weather! Get used to it.


The park: It’s a love-hate relationship


On top of the monotonous routine, there are always other out-of-control sprogs that you have to contend with, charging around, smashing into each other. So as well as keeping an eye on your own little ones, you’ve also got to worry about everyone else’s offspring to avoid a trip to the A&E.


I always find myself carrying a lot of stuff too… toys and scooters and water bottles and snacks. Only to remember when we arrive that I’ve forgot the most important item on the list – sunblock! With two fair-skinned children, this unfortunate series of events means an instantaneous turn-around.


The park: It’s a love-hate relationship


Running into familiar faces at the playground is also a bit of a hurdle. I for one am quite sure I lost half of my memory cells after the birth of my second baby. I might recognise a face, sure, but I do struggle to remember the name of the son of the woman I’ve already seen three times this week, even though she always remembers each of my own family members names with ease.


Yes, you may think I’m exaggerating but a trip to the park with two little ones is rarely ever straightforward! And I haven’t even touched on the constant tantrums and demands your kids can and will make.


The park: It’s a love-hate relationship

My kids are wearing outfits by Trotters


I’m almost done here, but I have one final gripe. Dirt! A straightforward day out can sometimes end with the need for a whole new outfit! And if they managed to find their way into a sandpit, you can also expect to find sand everywhere – in their shoes, pants, mouth, hair. I am almost always in need of an aggressive scrub shortly after returning home.


What should be a simple trip to the park, for some reason, is never quite that. But I guess that’s just another one of the joys of motherhood you learn along the journey.




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