I was born in St Petersburg, Russia, just before Perestroika. It was a peculiar time for fashion as there was no real concept of fashion houses, nor did modelling exist as a career.  The clothes were mass-produced for the sole purposes of comfort and utility, and were specially made to suit your occupation, whether it be an engineer or a school teacher. We didn’t get to choose which colours suited us best, and we certainly didn’t get to opt for the most flattering shape!


I was therefore always excited to find my mother making clothes. Somehow she managed to find foreign magazines to feed her imagination so she could design eye-catching and unique dresses (with a little help from the tailor next door). As a child, the dresses looked truly spectacular when compared to the grey masses of St Petersburg.

I moved with my family to the UK in 1992, ready to embrace a new world of possibilities. Just as I had planned, I went to school, graduated and found a high-profile job in the city. Working for one of the world’s top investment banks I became well acquainted with international client relations, managing global financial institutions and cutting major investment deals. I achieved what I had set out to achieve, but my passion to create prevailed.


Art, design and fashion have always been at the forefront of my life – even when I was knee-deep in business deals, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have been exposed to a vast array of cultures and nations, from Mongolia to Uzbekistan. I hope I can translate all of these experiences into my blog.


I’m also a Mum to two young children. Some days I’ll run the kids to school in flats and no make-up, before frantically dashing off to work in Central London, pulling a Superman-like outfit change en route. On arrival, I use my six-inch heels and quickly coiffured hair to hide the evidence of my morning spent taming toddler’s tantrums.


Nowadays, it’s so easy for working women to get consumed by their jobs, their families, and life’s endless list of other responsibilities. But we ladies shouldn’t have to lose pride in our appearances to keep up. I hope I can share with you all the tips, tricks, shortcuts and necessities I’ve found along the way that help me maintain a hectic, tiring, sometimes draining, but always fabulous lifestyle.



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